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The JN Group is pleased to introduce the JN Excel VIP Members' Plan; designed by our partner and broker, EXCEL, for JN Members and their families to provide them access to quality health insurance.

JN & Excel Insurance Brokers Strategic Partnership


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The JN Group is pleased to give our members access to quality international health insurance with the JN Excel VIP Members’ Plan.

Protect Your Health 
With JN Excel VIP 

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The JN EXCEL VIP product is designed to provide unique benefits, extensive global coverage, asset protection and, most importantly, the peace of mind that you are covered at all times – anywhere in the world. It has been approved by the Financial Services Commission.

The JN Excel VIP Members Health Plan is placed Facultatively with the permission of the Financial Services Commission.

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Excel International Group comprises 2 brokerages (Excel International Co. Ltd. in Cayman and Excel Insurance Brokers Ltd. in Jamaica) founded in 1997 by then President & CEO, Ingrid W Munroe and the current Chairman of the board, Dr. Trevor Munroe. Today, the company is led by CEO, Mrs. Kinshasa Minott.

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Membership Benefits

Access To Top Providers

You can choose from premium health facilities globally, within any of our covered countries.

Our Plan provides medevacs to the nearest country which offers your required procedure.

Medical Evacuation

One part of the plan is an allocation for purchasing required medicine.

Prescription Medicine

In the event of critical cases, our plan covers admissions to the ICU, as well as advanced surgeries including organ transplants.

Medical Treatment & Surgery

To offer you additional protection, our plan gives coverage for medical checkups and diagnostic services.

General Health Checkups

Our plan covers 100% for hearing aids and specialised treatment for sleep disorders. It also covers mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

Protection for persons 65+

The JN Excel VIP plan is accepted in over 105 countries, insuring you everywhere, giving you true peace of mind.

Worldwide Coverage

In case the affected beneficiary under the plan needs to be airlifted, our provider provides hotel accommodation for one accompanying person.

Emergency Accommodations

This plan covers maternity and newborn complications, as well as providing dependents with many of the benefits you enjoy.

Maternity & Newborn Care